The head of Valorant left the project to work on the new Riot Games game

Valorant is with us how much? In principle, one and a half, since this title has debuted on June 2, 2020. So far, Joe Ziegler was responsible for him, holding the position of Game Director, but with the end of 2021 and the beginning of 2022, he decided to give up this function. However, what interesting does not leave Riot Games — instead it will take a different company project instead.

Gratitude and equally excited today come to you with the villages. After eight years of work on the Valorant, a game created from zero together with the band involved and emerged developers, which invariably depends on to meet your expectations with respect and admiration, for which you deserve, give the directors of the director of this tactical shooter to my good colleague Andy HO.

Joe Ziegler did not reveal details about the new Riot Games game. We only know that it’s probably not about MMO at all, where Ghost crawler works, only something completely new. Who knows, maybe it will be based on the world of Valorant? We do not even have a certainty, whether it will be a network game, but taking into account the achievements of Riot Games (without looking at Riot Forge) so it will be.

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To wander over Valorant takes over Andy Ho, which has been associated with this title for years, so at least the game will not receive someone completely unconnected. Someone of you is still playing at Valorant at all?