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Jungle fever — likewise sump, Paradise, intermittent fever, martensfieber, debris periodic, chilly fever or obsolete acclimatization high temperature, environment high temperature, coastal high temperature, called exotic fever — is an infectious condition that is brought on by single-level bloodsuckers of the category plasmodium. Nowadays, it is mainly sent in the tropics and also subtropes by the stitch of a woman mosquito (mosquito) of the genus Anopheles. Outside these areas periodically dissolve by air web traffic mosquitoes the supposed airport malaria. All persons in the immediate area of flight terminals are threatened, z. B. flight terminal staff or residents. Except a transfer by blood transfusion and lab crashes, human-to-human contagion is just sometimes feasible from the mother to the unborn youngster when the placenta (particularly throughout birth) is breached. Guy and also the Anopheles mosquitoes stand for the only considerable pathogen tank human pathogenic plasmodia.
Jungle fever is one of the most common infectious disease in the world with about 200 million patients per year. With scientific computer system versions, around 1.2 million fatalities were computed for the year 2010 as a result of malaria infection after information was gathered from 1980 to 2010. The models in 2004 reached the variety of malaria notes in 2004 at 1.8 million a highlight. Freight were only four microorganisms than human pathogens: Plasmodium Falciparum, Plasmodium Viva, Plasmodium Oval as well as Plasmodium malaria. On the other hand, it is known that an additional people of Southeast Asia, which was previously dangerous mostly than for macaques, can additionally infect individuals in majorities as formerly taken on man: Plasmodium Knowles. With respect to their disease history as well as their geographical dissemination, the virus vary substantially. Plasmodium Falciparum is the scientifically significant and threatening virus of the jungle fever designated as jungle fever called malaria.
Fundamentally, according to the various malaria parasites, three conditions distinguished: malaria tropical, jungle fever tertiary as well as jungle fever guarana. The signs of jungle fever are high, persisting to periodic (rotating) high temperature, chills, problems of gastrointestinal system and cramping. Specifically in youngsters, the disease can quickly bring about coma and death. The frequency of the high temperature outcroppings results from the length of the proliferation cycles of the microorganism.
In Austria and Switzerland, the illness is notifiable, in Germany only the detection of the microorganism (other than in Saxony).

SK Telecom (representative) said in the world’s largest IT and household appliance exhibition ‘CES 2022’, announced that it introduces ICT technology related to low-strategic semiconductors, including low strategic semiconductors.

The SK Group has set a goal of reducing the volume of 2 million tons of carbon (21 billion tons) around the world around 2030. SK Telecom plans to actively contribute to carbon reductions by using innovative ICT technology.

SK Telecom, with SK Corporation, SK Innovation, SK Unix, SHE & S, SK Confront, etc., with the 2030 SK Net-Zero Promise Declaration to the SK Telecom ‘Green ICT’ Introducing technology.

The event is held on the 5th (local time) from the US Las Vegas, from day to day.

SK Telecom introduces the world’s highest level AI semiconductor ‘Station’. AI semiconductors correspond to the core brain of artificial intelligence with a large-scale operation required for the implementation of artificial intelligence service to ultra-fast, low power, and non-memory semiconductors.

As artificial intelligence services are expanding rapidly throughout life and industry, the size of the AI ​​data center is increasing every day. Existing AI data centers are using GPUs developed for graphical information processing, and environmental pollution problems are becoming large because of the size of power usage.

SK Telecom introduces a high-speed, low-power AI semiconductor ‘Still’ through designs specialized in simultaneous multiracial data processing necessary for artificial intelligence service implementation. ‘Still’ is an environmentally friendly for 80% of the existing GPUs. At the same time, the dipping operation rate is 1.5 times faster than the existing GPU and the price is only half level.

In addition, we also introduce Singlet technology to reduce existing contrast power usage by integrating and upgrading 3G and LTE network equipment.

SK Telecom has secured carbon emissions through the reduction of greenhouse gases for the first time in Korea through Single LAN technology. In 20020, we have completed the applicable to base stations and repeaters in 78 countries, including Seoul, and can secure about 10,000 carbon emissions per year. 10,000 tons corresponds to the amount of electricity for about 7,600 households for 1 year for the year, based on Seoul power consumption statistics in 2019.

In addition, SK Telecom introduces ICT services that can reduce carbon generations in everyday life, such as meta bus fifteen ▲ Mt. Circulating Systems ▲ Multiple Circulating Systems ▲ Optimal path navigation, and introduces ICT services to low carbon society.

The Great Brand has established a variety of virtual space, including conference halls, outdoor stage, and loop tops, and has established an efficient communication environment, such as providing documents (PDF) and video (MP4) in virtual spaces. At the same time, 130 people can access, and there is no unbearable in major events.

SET also introduces a ‘Happy Habitat’ program that diffuses the use of multi-time cups to reduce plastic waste caused by using a one-time cup. Happy seabirds operate in a way that consumers provide a drink through a private cup to provide a drink through a private cup. The returned cup is recycled through a process of disinfection, washing, sterilization, etc. through a professional company.

The company is in the process of Seoul, Jungle, Seoul, Seoul, Korea. Through this, we expect to save more than 1.2 million disposable cups for 3 months. SET is expected to reduce the use of approximately 630,000 disposable plastic cups annually, including applying a multi-case to the entire store in EU.

One of the carbon reduction methods, the driving habits of the Comprehensive Mobility Platform ‘Ti map’ are also exhibited. Driving habits services are providing driving data analysis, such as speed, rapidly, and rapid acceleration. The converted score is linked to economic benefits such as premium discounts, leading to a safe and eco-friendly operation.

The greenhouse gas emissions reduced by the minimum time path guide to the real-time traffic information of the Ty map, and reduced fuel consumption due to driving habits are 1020,000 tons (T) in 2020, 1560,000 tons in 2025 and 262 million tons in 2030. Target.

SK Telecom said, This CES plans to introduce innovative services that can reduce carbon generated in everyday life with advanced technologies that can lead the Green ICT revolution. SK Telecom I said it to grow.