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Anyone who has hitherto appreciated with the purchase of the Shooter Battlefield 2042 or would like to give him away at Christmas, should now look at Amazon’s offer. The latest offshoot can currently be bought for the absolute low price.

The offer is so good: You will receive Battlefield 2042 as PC Origin Key for 29.99 euros. This is a new best price for the shooter. In addition, you save about 20 euros compared to the next best providers.

You can buy the download code at Amazon directly, so you will receive it immediately after the purchase or the box version with code. Both versions cost the same way. However, the code shipping takes place immediately while the box should of course be on the road for one to two working days.

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59,99 EUR 29,99 EUR

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Battlefield 2042 (code in the box) — [PC]

59,99 EUR 29,99 EUR

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That awaits you with Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042 was released on 19 November 2021 and is the latest part of the series. As the name already reveals, the setting of the game is located in 2042. There is war between the US and Russia. New technologies await you and there are natural disasters that cause problems worldwide (keyword: resource sadness).

The focus of the multiplayer shooter is again big battles to land, water and in the air. There are cards with 128 players (64V64).

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