How to revive its teammates in Hyper Scape

This is an alphabetical listing of video games released for the game console Mega Drive. Not consisted of are the games for the equipment extension Sega Mega-CD as well as the Sega 32x. Also included are titles not licensed by Sega for publishing on the console, consisting of magazines in Taiwan from various programmers such as Game, in addition to the publications of Distinction prior to finishing the process Sega v. Distinction (977 F. 2D 1510, 9th Cir. 1992) as well as the subsequent licensing by SEGA. The checklist additionally contains games of non-licensed third-party developers after the product settings of the Mega Drives, as an example Pier Solar and also the Great Architects.

You must be aggressive if you want to return your teammates HYPER SCALE. when a teammate breaks down, you can bring it back into the game by eliminating other players and getting eliminations. After shooting down an enemy, a reappearance appears on the ground where you eliminated the opponent. Your shot teammate will appear as a shadow that runs around the map, and when one of the reappearance tags will fall, he can stand on it so that you can bring it back.

When your teammate stands above the golden reappearance tag, you can bring them back by holding it. They should come back after a few seconds. Because you had to shoot another player to get the chance to get them back, it’s easy enough for them to find some nearby weapons and hacks to prepare for the next meeting.


The fights still intensify at the end of an Hyper Scale game. Towards the end of your Hyper Scale Match, reappearing your teammates becomes an important challenge because of the few players you will find in your game. It might be better to Focus on the elimination of opponents only to skip the gun to bring another teammate to help you.