Marius Steinhauser moves from Flensburg to Hanover

Der trainingsverrückte Marius Steinhauser

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In the Handball Bundesliga the left-handed arrives at 266 goals in 224 games. From 2016 to 2019, Tannhauser won the German Championship four times in a row. First twice with the Rhein-Neckar Lower, then two more times with the SG. In the Champions League, he reaches 135 goals in nine seasons.

We are very pleased that with Marius we could commit an experienced player on the right-class position, says Sven-Sören Christopher sen, Hanover’s sporty ladder, quoted, Marius has played in Flensburg and the lions for years at the highest level and his Class demonstrated. We are allowed to look forward to a sympathetic player who will help our team as well as next to the field to new impulses.

Also coach Christian Prop is looking forward to a great personality, Tannhauser is ambitious and a motivator. Tannhauser replaces in exchange changing Danes Johan Hansen in Hanover.

Tannhauser meets his own statement on a young, hungry and very passionate team in which he wants to take more responsibility and prove me as a service provider. I am firmly convinced that here is a team that convinces with emotional and combative Tempo handball in the next few years, concluding Tannhauser.