The creators of Fractured ensure that Gamigo will not affect their title

Recently, she ran a new game that Amigo will spend, will Fracture. In this title, we played with Hours when he cried and even promised to be good from Gameplay. We both doubted his success on a global scale, rather according to pointing that it will be a niche title. Especially that the graphic side does not knock, and whether it pleases to someone or not, this aspect is currently extremely important. Nevertheless, I still keep my fingers crossed for fractured, even when it came to Amigo.

Many people watching a project or supporting it, but he has concerns how this title will look in the hands of this company. The creators of Fractured calm down, however, that the publisher will not affect their project. Amigo will not decide about important elements, it will not interfere in the Core of this production, and all creative decisions will remain in the hands of the main developers. The company has a fractured financial facilities and marketing support or customer support.

Apparently, Amigo has supported Fractured for a long time and thanks to their support, it will be possible to spend this project probably next year, not in 2025. It was also promised that the publisher will not change colonization, thanks to which the production discussed will remain in the BUY-TO-play model with the store Cosmetic and an optional subscription, but without pay-to-win.

Fractured Online is Being Published by Gamigo #shorts
As it will come in practice, we’ll see. Often we read similar words from the lips of young artists. Then it turned out that there were controversial changes or cosmic microtransacts in their projects, an effectively spoiled game. Will it be the same in Fractured? Amigo does not have too glorious history, but maybe in this case they will succeed not to beat the game and even help her — who knows.

By the way, Fractured changed its name to Fractured online. OT, such a trifle so that no one would have doubts that we are talking about title.