LOL Rogue presents its roster for LEC 2022 with two totally new faces

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The Christmas season approaches, but it is also the next competitive season of League of Legends. The structures resume the trainings one after another and rogue has finally decided to formalize their roster for the 2022 season. Three players have been expanded: Deanne, Larsen and Thrombi, What we could say that the spine has been preserved. However, the output of Hans samey e inspired North American lands provoked a great hole in the hearts of the rogues, so we are not sure that the new version of the team is as solid as the that we saw in 2021.

The two newcomers have an interesting profile, but they can be a bit short of rhythm. This year, they were more at the bank than in the countryside, and they will have a lot to do to convince LEC fanatics, who are even more demanding when it comes to a Korean import.

Rogue’s full team for 2022 is as follows:

Top: Andrei Done PASCO
Jungle: Kim Along Geun-Seong
MID: Emil Larsen Larsson
ADC: Marks comp stamkopoulos
Support: Adrian Thrombi Try bus

Along (Jungle) will obviously be the great attraction to follow. While Koreans are no longer either fashionable in Europe, he played at DWG KIA this year and has already worn the colors of 4 different teams in the LACK. At age 21, he is no longer a child, but we must recognize that he has not yet managed to make a way at the highest level. In the Korean team he only played a handful of matches with the first team, staying in the shadow of Canyon. When coming to Europe, he has the opportunity to write his own legend and consolidate himself as one of the best players of The position of it.

Welcome to Rogue | 2022 League of Legends Roster
The other recruit is well known by the European Community. The Greek shooter comp passed through the LFL (LDC and VISIT.BEE) and was already crowned Champion of France. On the other hand, he is a bit more complicated at European level, since after starting the 2021 season with vitality in LEC, he was put on the bench from the Spring Split. Since then, we have not seen it in competition, and we do not really know what is the form of it.

Foot: Invenglobal ////final MGG FR