Iguadong Players all online

Last November, as a gradual restoration begins, quite a lot of part of the game has returned to everyday life. Gustav has been opened offline for a long time, and various events that have been online have begun to resume. Until then, I thought that the game people, who had been converted to many telecommunications, as well as a user event, such as ‘Dump Fe’, such as ‘Dump Fe’, Actually, some came back.

But this atmosphere has a break. Domestic Corona 19 days, the number of new confirmations is over 7,000, and the ankle is caught by adding an Omit on mutation to a powerful defense. Numerous events, which were expected to open offline, have been working online, and various seminars and discussions, e-sports have also been converted to many online. The game people who have finished home and returned to their daily life.

I was glad that I was unhappy, and last year, Corona 19 was not confused at the time of Max. This is because I have experienced fully trial and error in online relay and telecommuting system for the past two years. In particular, in the case of presentation or user events, it is possible to proceed with viewers on the viewer in the viewer, which is more comfortable than the online relay, and online participation is possible, it is a considerable number of positions.

However, I feel sorry. It was a little nervous because it was offline with the offline Ge star 2021, but I have to grab the strings of tension again. Even so, considering that there are many people suffering from Corona 19, it is not when it is folding and folding in a given place.

Anyway, not only the game industry, but also the entire Republic of Korea is crouching in the unprecedented Corona 19 spread tax. I hope that the spread of the now spreading is calmed down and back to daily life.

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