The season the event and the new upcoming legend of Apex Legends have just been disclosed

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New LTM Event Confirmed & Titans By Developer Apex Legends Season 11

Royal Battle APEX Legends from Respawn Entertainment has just received a massive leak for its next season. Data minors have worked hard to separate the files from the last game update, and they have found a mine of information.

Apex Legends has just had an update that brought The Raiders Collection Event to the game. The event was not the only thing added in the update. Like most developers do it when they update their games, ResPawn has also added files that contain data for a future Unicode content. Data minors have sifted these files and determined who will be the next coming legend in the game.

The next Apex Legends character will be the infamous sadly Mad Maggie. Mad Maggie is directly linked to the Fuse Frame. The two were childhood friends and freedom fighters for Salvo, the planet on which they grew up. Maggie was a temporary advertiser for some events of season 8 and figured in good place in the trailer and the launch trailer of Fuse.

The leak was published on Twitter by the Human User SAS. They found data for the Maggie parachuting emote that almost officially confirm its release as a playable character. According to leaks, she will be released at the beginning of the season 12. The season 12 will be released on February 8, 2022, almost exactly 1 year after the exit of Fuse, proving the probability of this leak.

A new event will also be released in season 12. The event will be called the Dark Depths event and will offer new skins on the theme of the deep sea. This leak has been published by a user of Twitter Galindo. The Tweet shows a screenshot of the battles of the presumed event. It also shows some skins and other cosmetics that correspond to the theme of large funds.

None of this information has been confirmed or denied by Respawn, but a large part seems very likely to arrive in the game.

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