Fortnite Gears Of War Challenges Where To Find COG Tags Thrashball Souvenirs

The Fortnite Gears of War cosmetics have actually just been revealed, and also along with them, you can complete Gears of War challenges to earn a complimentary Gears of War spray, but you’ll intend to do it today, as the difficulties will disappear in simply a few days. Obtain a look of the Gears of War skins in Fortnite, then take on the obstacles to make your free spray.

Fortnite Gears of War challenges

There are 5 Gears of War challenges to finish if you want to round off the Delta-One Quests, as well as you’ll require to do them all before December 17 at 6 AM PT/ 9 AM ET since that’s when they’ll disappear. You need to tackle them in the order in which they show up below. Right here’s what you’ll be doing for Delta-One:

Accumulate 3 Gear Tags
Crouch Behind Obstacle

All Cog Tag Locations
Damages Opponent with Melee Strike
Do Shotgun Damages to a Challenger
Accumulate Thrash ball Souvenirs

To collect COG tags, refer to the map listed below that lists all of their places. You’ll require three, so it’s possibly best to try to get them all-in-one round by landing near Logjam Lumberyard, as the three in the northwestern quadrant are nearest to each other.

To crouch behind an obstacle, seek the Gears of War-painted waist-high wall surfaces spread around the map. An easy-to-find example is out in front of the mechanic store on the eastern side of Greasy Grove. You’ll know it by the Gears logo painted in red on the side.

Doing melee damages is often most convenient at the beginning of a match, where you can adhere to an additional player carefully, after that slap them around as quickly as you both land. S shotgun damage will certainly be easy sufficient; simply locate a spotty and placed some pellets into players. You can discover Thrash ball Souvenirs at the places noted on the map listed below.

Completing all of these quests today will net you both XP and the aesthetic incentive, while you’ll have the ability to pack out as Wait and Marcus starting in the Product Store on December 9. Learn more concerning the brand-new Fortnite Phase 3, consisting of all the brand-new tools and also the teases for Miles Morales as well as Green Goblin.