NBA News Not who we are Thunder shocked according to the highest defeat of the NBA

The Oklahoma City Thunders have lost 79: 152 at the Memphis Grizzlies and thus experiencing the highest defeat of NBA history. Head Coach Mark DaighNeault seems that this result does not define the team.

Tonight we were who we are, Arnault said after the game and stressed, I think we definitely showed that we are competitive. The game today is not an indication of what our team is. The Thunder had to compete without Shaw Gilgeous-Alexander, Josh Gilda, Theo Macedon, Derrick Favors and Enrich Williams, the Grizzlies were missing Moran, Kyle Anderson, Zaire Williams and Sam Merrill.

The Thunder lost behind 73 points behind, in the meantime they were even back with 78 points. The largest defeat in 75 years NBA has suffered the Miami Heat in 1991, when they lost 80: 148 against the Cleveland Cavaliers. OK thus has suffered the largest home defeat of the NBA history, with 57 points behind the Pacers in the past season, as well as the highest away defeat.

Obviously, it was a combination for several reasons, Daigneultained answered the question of how the defeat has come about in this form: The Grizzlies played with great strength and tempo. They have hit some throws, we did not do well at the beginning and could never really get access to the game. Not a single part of the game.

The Thunder, only 32.9 percent of their litters from the field and 28.9 percent of Downtown, Memphis ran with a franchise the best value of 62.5 percent in field wages and 52.8 percent from the distance absolutely hot and achieved 29 points in the OUTBREAK, 82 points in the zone and 22 points after offensive books.

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Thunder: Tasted of my own blood

If you are facing the competition, you will also be the heights and depths, Daigneulteault led: Competition brings great pleasure, but also grief, frustration and anger. And when you enter the ring, you turn into the ring All this stuff. That’s why the joy feels so good after tasting his own blood.

I believe we have made some mistakes at the beginning, and before you are swapped are teams then in a rhythm and the game gets out of control, said Thunder-Forward Mike Musical and admitted that the team abandoned the game from a certain point Have: We obviously did not fight, you prefer to get out with a fight. You prefer to be a team that plays together.

There was a reason to celebrate on the other side. Man, it feels great. It feels great to do it in the history books, just before our home fans, DE’Anthony Melton said, who scored 19 points at 8/10 FG from the bank: And We did it as a complete team. Everyone has contributed something, everyone has played hard, and we all came into the game. That’s always a blessing.

No starter of Grizzlies was longer than 22 minutes on the parquet, most of the task time got Rookie Anti Adam. The result? A career high of 18 points, as well as a new franchise record of Grizzlies with a plus / minus rating of +52.

Grizzlies Bank with more points as Thunder

Franchise records are of course great. Of course, I’m proud that our guys do not think about it during the game, Head Coach Taylor Jenkins cheered: We are just motivated from our standard every night. Our standard was in full effect today Admire, both offensively and defensive.

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The Reservists of the Grizzlies have achieved a total of 93 points and had already beaten the Thunder. In addition, Memphis has made more points (80) in the second half as OK in the whole game, and more points with 82 points in the zone collected than the Thunder in 48 minutes.