Today s Steam I m afraid of New Malinese Devada

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1 day, steamed in the steam worldwide, Dead By Daylights were blinked. While the full-pricing games in the top top-level are defending the ranking with half-price discount events, Dead By Day lights up to third place in the third place through new updates.

Dead By Debate released a new murdered mine artist on a day. Artist is the 26th murder of the game, with a remote attack type murder. With the original artist who was originally angry, the Artist has suffered a terrible event, and he has a special ability to deal with ink and crow. From the time of the test server, we have been expected from many gamers, with the evaluation of a good performance, and this expectation is directly linked to sales volume.

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In addition, the part of this specially focus on the new expansion pack witch queen + It is the 30th anniversary of the Estonian Guardians in the future. The ranking 10th day before the day is up to the sixth place. Likewise, there is a great sense of achievements that have been achieved through new updates, even if it is a high price of 100,000 won without discount sales. In particular, this expansion pack is considered to be the part of the sales volume, so that the part is considered to be the last hope from Destiny Guardians users.

The ranking of the games in which the steam is in progress is not large. In particular, the first and second place are still cyber punk 2077 and Red Dead LIM Demonstration. Hallo Master Chief Collection and Horizon Zero Dune came down to the 6th place on the 6th, 5th above, but it is still located in the top, but there is no change in the top.

The top simultaneous connection rankings were ranked 3rd to 488,791, while the ranking of the top simultaneous connections were ranked overall. The reason why this game is suddenly hit by this game that is evaluated as long as it is not in the ranking, and it seems to be a steam trading card patched on November 11th. Exchange a trading card that you can play for free downloading and enjoying a trading card that you can get to play with your friends to replace the steam level and decorate your profile. To obtain this, players have played the game until they have been afraid of the bots, which are analyzed that the simultaneous connection value is abnormally higher.