Messi instead of Lewandowski Real

Iker Cadillac has criticized the award of the balloon d’Or. The former goalkeeper of Real Madrid expressed doubts whether the award to Lionel Messi actually the achievements in the past season were crucial.

It is always harder to believe in football, wrote the 40-year-old at Twitter. Indirectly, Camilla’s criticism of Messi’s seventh profit of the balloon d’Or, while Bayern-Star Robert Lewandowski landed on second place.

Lewandowski's Amazing Reaction When Messi Won His 7th Ballon d'Or

For me, Messi is one of the five best footballers of all time, but you have to start taking into account who the best player is in a certain season, Supplemented Cadillac. That’s damn, not so difficult! Others make it hard!

Lewandowski had cracked the Bundesliga record of Bayern legend Herd Müller in the past season with 41 goals.

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