New World Iron farms made easy Find a lot of ore quickly short

In New World Iron farms, months after the release of the Amazon MMORPG is an important and lucrative activity, because the crafting system also needs tons of iron ore on high levels. Finally, Orichalcum, Starmetall & Co. continues to be made of iron ore, which is simply combined with higher-level Mats. Accordingly, many questions: Where do you get a lot of iron quickly?

Books you one of the helpful resource maps such as newworld-map.com and sets the filters so that you can display possible spawn places for iron ore. If you want to farm in New World (now €39.99) only iron farms, you then focus on the areas of low level, in which this ore is found.

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Iron farms between wind circle and cane reef

If you just are interested in an area that is rich in iron ore, we can recommend you the country between the city of Honduras and the city of Entermesserref. The mountainous landscape is a prime spot for the coveted resource. Just look at the many beautiful black dots! New World: Tip: Iron farms made easy — Find a lot of ore quickly (1) Source: newworld-map.com

Iron Farm route at Vastness in New World

If you prefer a good iron farm route that follows a certain order, we have held one of many practical routes for you. You can always find this near the city. New World: Tip: Iron farms made easy — Find a lot of ore quickly (2) Source: newworld-map.com Finally, this is an example of many — look at the above-linked page newworld-map.com just look around And are looking for spots that may also offer other resources where you have interest (for example, if you want to take silver? Or Romper?). So you may also find farm routes that nobody else has come — the competition should not underestimate her.

So you get more iron in the farm in New World

Attributes, Bags and Tools — Improves your iron farm: Get mountain chops with high degradation speed, may still be invested in thickness to further increase speed. There is also special chopping, which increase the amount of ore preserved. Special bags also reduce the weight of oral — accordingly you do not have to stop as early as your Run, because you are overweight!

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