Sch ller introduces German women in the World Cup Quali to 8 0

From the last players missing due to injuries, Bull and Overdose stood in the starting eleven. Hearing and goalkeeper Berger took place on the bank. Compared to the 7-0 against Israel, National Trainer Martina Voss-Tecklenburg took a total of six changes. In addition to the two returns, All, Headlamp, ​​Newsmen and Schiller began for Latrine, Maier, Kleinhernherne, Leopold, framing and fire. In the ranks of the Turkeys was particularly in in the center, the attacker is at second division MTV Duisburg under contract.

A dominant appearance had demanded Voss-Tecklenburg from its eleven, and the national trainer was especially heard by Schiller. The (attacker) of Bayern Munich forced the early lead and then laid a double pack: after only a few seconds, Schiller went to a Tabriz flank in the duel with day. The ball landed by bowing lamp in the Turkish gate, the hit was considered the own goal of the Turkish defender. In the 10th minute there were no discussions: After a perfect flank of the German player Hugh, Schiller was allowed to sign up. And only one minute later, Schiller was once again when she utilizes a patter of the Turkish domestic defense on the five-meter room by swelling ice-cold.

The course were on victory early on. Germany also remained the dominant team in the following years, but made a result improvement in opportunities of Bull (16th) and Schiller (29th). Turkey found better after half an hour better in the game, a free-kick of Yenisei, who steered the German goalkeeper Fr ohms over the crossbar (33.) but remained the only way. German women was then a good chance when a hand game of the Turkish player Karting was falsely laid outside the playing field in the 27th minute. So it went with the 3: 0 for the German elf in the cabins.

Turkey in half two completely overwhelmed

8:0-Machtdemonstration! | Deutschland - Türkei 8:0 | Highlights | Frauen | WM Quali
After the break Voss-Tecklenburg brought Leopold, Dallas and Brand for Tabriz, Magill and Hugh. Despite the personnel change, the German women immediately took over the command, Bull (47.) and All (56.) but first good opportunities. Likeness had Bull only a minute later than her beautiful shot clapped to the crossbar (57.).

Fire inserts well, Bull meets the final score

The 4: 0 was only a matter of time. And it fell in the 63rd minute. With a socket on Schiller, the complete Turkish defense was killed. But the two-time goalkeeper did not stop themselves, but put in front of Ago transversely to fire, which only had to insertion. The duo was also responsible for the 5-0 in the 67th minute, this time fire for Schiller, which had no trouble to mark her third hits from a short distance. Turkey was not more than a better exercise opponent, with her first ball contact, made the shortly previously replaced freight in the 74th minute half a dozen full.

The German women held the pace up to the end. And in the 88th minute, then Bull cheered. The 19-year-old aired a free kick into the right lower forger to the 8: 0 final score.

Through the edge victory against completely overwhelmed Families, the German women not only have sent their fifth victory in the fifth World Cup qualifier (goal ratio: 27: 1), but also an exclamation mark towards Portugal. Next Tuesday evening (19 o’clock), the top duel against the second of the group H.