Microsoft publishes an offer letter of 1999 to buy Nintendo

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This month marks the twentieth anniversary of the original Xbox, and Microsoft has found several ways to celebrate the occasion, including an «Xbox Museum. The site contains many interesting artifacts that celebrate the history of the brand. One of those artifacts is a copy of a letter of proposal that Microsoft sent to Nintendo in 1999 in an attempt to buy the company. In January, Kevin Bacchus, former director of relations with third parties, revealed that the two companies actually had a meeting on the proposal. However, Nintendo spent most of an hour leaning completely from perspective!

Hey, Remember When Microsoft Tried to BUY Nintendo? Here's the Letter They Sent!

As expected, most of the letter can not be read. The website covers enough so that readers can not distinguish the details. Regardless, it’s an interesting inclusion! Readers can see the encrusted image below.

Microsoft’s proposal could have been the subject of laughter, but the two companies have developed a solid work relationship in recent years! Things really began to warm up a few years ago, when Nintendo and Microsoft shared a marketing campaign to show the benefits of the cross game (at a time when PlayStation doubted to adopt it). Since then, we have seen characters owned by Microsoft in Super Smash Bros.ultimate, and subscribers of the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack will soon have the opportunity to play banjo-kazooie. There have also been innumerable rumors about the arrival of Xbox Game Pass to Nintendo Switch, but it is difficult to say if they will ever arrive at a fruition. Even so, the fact that it is a possibility says everything!

Although Nintendo and Microsoft have clearly approached much longer over the years, the two companies seem to work better separately. Both have very different visions for the industry, but players are better if they have them both. It is impossible to say where your relationship could be within another 20 years, but it is expected that Nintendo and Microsoft continue to offer entertaining experiences for players.

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