Mysterious PS5 remake will be supposedly a Chrono Cross

Throne Trigger (Jap.: クロノ · トリガ, Huron Riga) is a parlor game created by the Japanese software application firm Square Enix. It showed up in 1995 for the Super Nintendo Home Entertainment System (SNES) and 2001 a bit changed together with Last Dream IV under the name Final Dream Chronicles (not to be perplexed with Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles) for the Sony PlayStation. In Europe, it was not published at the time, although it was additionally quite preferred in the United States and was effective. Only on February 6, 2009, Throne Trigger also showed up in Europe for the Nintendo DS. In May 2011, Square Enix revealed the magazine of Throne Trigger for the Virtual Console. Throne Trigger was Akira Oriya, the Dragon Ball as well as Dr. ING. Slump became known; The songs was made up by Samundri Matsuda as well as Noble Seats.
The successors of Throne Trigger are the Peradventure Radical Dreamers for the SatellaView and also the Throne Cross based upon the PlayStation.
On July 31, 1996, on the V-Jump Festival with the 16-minute anime Miku Broken Nūmamonjā (時空 冒険ヌウマ モンジャ ~, DT.: Space time adventure nūmamonjā ) advertising was created the video game. The movie was produced by Manufacturing I.G. In Winter 2008, a porting of Throne Trigger for the Nintendo DS appeared. This offers a revised video game system that sustains touchscreen functionality, consisting of a new dungeon as well as wireless setting.

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In Europe, the video game showed up on 6 February 2009.

Recently, the Irish singer Ava still spoke of a large PlayStation Remake, where she involves. We have made hopes for a Metal Gear Solid-Remake, but we have to bury the buried. For an insider, it should be about the Throne Cross-Remaster, which was probably already lasted by Nvidia.

ps5-remake probably no remake and no exclusive

That was the leak: Still 2021 around the Christmas season the big PS5 remake should be announced for which the Irish singer EA BHA McMahon Aka Ava has recorded a song. It is a big PlayStation Remake. Matching would be a remake of the first Metal Gear Solid or a MGS3 remake, which has been rumored for some rumors.

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PS5-Leak: Sony allegedly announces a large PlayStation Remake in December

The insider says now: The Boxer with-founder Nick Baker now explains in his podcast that this remake is not a remake. It does not go to Metal Gear Solid, but about Throne Cross. In addition, his sources speak of a multiplatform title. This means that a PS5 remake can obviously no speech can be more.

PlayStation will announce the game, but he assumes that it could also appear on PC and the switch. Nick Baker repeatedly repeated that he heard that Throne Cross Remastered was announced before Christmas and a multiplatform game. Maybe we hear about to Remaster already with the Game Awards.

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Fits Nvidia Leak: How Nick Baker leads, was already talking about the NVIDIA game list of a Throne Cross-Remaster. That would fit well and could confirm the whole thing reasonably. Nvidia has confirmed the authenticity of the list, even if it was said, the titles should not necessarily exist.

Perhaps just the singer Ava has been convinced and messed up with Remake. This happens to the best and can go fast. Likewise, the assessment of what a big remake is could go through different people. The possibility that Sony announces to Remaster, even if it should be a multiplicative title.

What is Throne Cross? Throne Cross is the successor to the legendary cult-RPG Throne trigger and a more or less classic RPG. It was released in 1999 and 2000 for PS1, comes from Square Enix and was celebrated by both fans and critics. Especially the story, characters, the combat system and the music came too much counter-love.

Would you be happy about a Remaster of Throne Cross?