HALO INFINITE How to repair DirectX error 12

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Hallo Infinite was thrown by surprise about everyone and fell before the campaign. As a result, many players now enjoy the multiplayer part of the latest version of 343. However, if you are here, you are probably playing the Halo Infinite PC version and have problems starting the game correctly. In this guide, we will review the ways of solving common problems. DirectX error 12 that many Halo Infinite PC players shock.

How to repair DirectX error 12 in Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite incompatible dx12 fix 1060 3gb or other non compatible cards

I have good and bad news for you. The good news is that, if your PC is able to run Halo Infinite, correct DirectX 12 error in Halo Infinite is quite simple. The bad news is that if these corrections do not work, you may not be lucky.

The main thing you should do first is to make sure that all your controllers are up-to-date. This is the most common problem that affects PC players when they start a new game for the first time.

Usually, the toolbar in the lower right will have a shortcut to the manufacturer s portal of the graphics card from where you can download the drivers. However, if you have difficulty finding it, you can find links to the two most common graphic card manufacturers, NVIDIA and AMD, which can download from your website.

Next, make sure that the latest version of DirectX is installed on your computer. By visiting this Microsoft link, you can download the.exe file necessary to run the installation.

If none of these options works, your last option is to contact the customer service of your computer or Microsoft s manufacturer and ask them to guide it through the official Specifications for Halo Infinite PC and see what can come out wrong.

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