New World Economy is running again Taler

Only recently was Amazon Game Studios forced to deactivate the Tale transfer as well as the trading posts in New World again due to a new Item DUP S. That caused a logically again for displeasure with the fans, but the break is happily over again. The developers have published a patch.

New World just turned off THE ENTIRE ECONOMY, AGAIN, do this while you wait
What does the new patch for New World change?

It is not about the big November update for New World, but a hotfix patch to play the developers in relatively short maintenance in the past night. This probably cared for the Item Dupe problem and gives both the Tale transfer and the trading posts again. However, objects that serve to house decoration are currently excluded from the trade. Added to this is a fix for player characters that are limited in their freedom of movement. Here are the patch notes:

An issue has been resolved where players were steady in a movement disability.
Assets between players are reactivated — except goods to the house decoration (these are temporarily marked as non-tradable).

Is there a compensation for the settlements?

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Furthermore, Amazon Game Studios has announced that there will be compensation for all settlements that were graded due to the temporarily deactivated asset transfers. This should give it to current planning in the context of the November update. However, the team has not yet defined exactly how this compensation will look like. There may be a free upgrade for the affected settlements.

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