Halo Infinite Plans for Season 1 announced

Just in time for the 20-year-old Xbox anniversary, the Multiplayer beta from Halo Infinite started on Xbox and PC. Players can now experience the next era of the Halo Multiplayer, including the brand-new Academy, Arena, Big Team Battle and the complete Season 1 Battle Pass.

Progress, cosmetic items, free circuits and multiplayer statistics remain preserved after the official start of Halo Infinite on December 8th.

As now on Halo Waypoint was announced, the Season 1 launched of the shooter Heroes of Reach is running to May 2022, which corresponds to a term of the whole six months. Originally three months were scheduled for per Season.

The team has made this change to have more time to ensure quality standards and to ensure the development of Season 2 on a healthy and sustainable way.

So that Season 1 can offer a rich experience despite double length, some additional contents such as adaptation items and additional events have been added. For example, all players who log in during the first week receive a free collection of cosmetics suitable for the twentieth anniversary.

Halo Infinite | Season 1: Heroes of Reach Launch Trailer

Overall, Season 1 will include over 100 unlockable items such as additional armor parts, weapon trailers, visors, coatings, emblems, armor effects and more.

Already on November 23, the first big event of the first season begins with fracture: Terrie.

Further information on the event calendar of Season 1 and publishing plans for Season 2, the Loop campaign and the blacksmith would like to publish the team in January next year.