Berlin derby probably before full house

Tennis Russia Berlin is a Footballing activities club in Berlin, Germany, based on April 9, 1902, as the Berlin Company of Tennis as well as Ping-Pong Russia. Its Football Section Militia at the Regionally Nor dost, one of the local leagues that make up the 4th Football Department of the nation, after rising in the 2019/20 period from NOFV-Oberliga Word.
Although the club was originally founded as a tennis club and also table tennis, football was found in 1903 and 50 Pfennigs was obtained by a permit that can join the Berlin Champion. Since the table tennis was not especially preferred amongst the new members of the club, he relinquished the program in the exact same year. Later on, another table tennis department was started, which (with each other with the Bertha BSC) is the most effective in Berlin.
On May 21, 2010, the Association presented a petition prior to the Area Court in Charlottenburg for the start of bankruptcy procedures, which was successfully finished. In December 2012, the extension resolution was approved at a basic conference according to § 42 of the Civil Code of Germany.

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The Berlin Local derby in the Football Bundesliga in the stadium on the old Forster may take place before sold-out house. According to the new Regulation adopted by the Berlin Senate this week, the game will be held on 20 November (18.30 pm / SKY) using the 2G rule (vaccinated or geneses). Union has therefore requested an application for the approval of 22 012 viewers in Senate Department for Home and Football, as the club announced.