The Xbox Series X spell Holiday 2020 no matter if Halo Infinite is delayed

Hallo Infinite is among 343 industries and skybox labs in growth computer game, which is to be published by the Xbox Video Game Studios for Windows, Xbox One as well as Xbox Series. The video game ought to appear 2021 and is the next primary component of the Halo collection. It sets the story of the Master Chief in the third phase of the Reclaimer Legend, according to Halo 5: Guardians as well as will certainly be the sixth game in the franchise with Master Chief as a protagonist.

343 Industries is one of the studios that has trouble developing games 2020. The studio has passed to smart work because of the CVIV-19, thus putting the Halo Infinite -risk liberation, similar to what happened With Donors Minecraft and Sorry 3, which have recently been postponed.

Hallo Infinite is one of the most anticipated launch titles of the Xbox Series X, Microsoft may be tempted to delay the output of the next generation console to meet the needs of the brand-new adventure of the Master Chief.

However, Phil Spencer clarified in a recent interview with IGN that it will not happen. The head of XBOX believes that Microsoft will not hold the launch of the platform for an individual game.

The company has good supply chain signals, which begins to resume its work at full speed in China, and there is no plan B for the moment because the Xbox Series X does not seem threatened. The analysts have recently mentioned that there may be shortages for new generation platforms, but that does not seem to worry the owner of the platform right now.

Anyway, things are a bit different with regard to Held Infinite and other triple-A versions for the new generation platform because Covid-19 has a serious impact on their workflow.

Things are not easy at the moment. Things are stretching. I feel it in the teams, they are stretched, explained the executive.

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We have nothing right now that says we are not going to take the dates we planned, but I would also say that its real-time things, he added.

I will put the safety and security of our teams at the top, with a quality product. I do not want to rush a product if it is not ready.

Hallo Infinite is the launch title of the Xbox Series X and should be launched alongside the console during the 2020 holidays. Nevertheless, it also arrives at Xbox One and Windows PC, although the new generation version is considered a special citizen. It should be on Xbox Game Pass since the first day.