Cod Vanguard Atomic Camo Glitch How to get Atomic camo quickly and easily

The Atomic Camo de Cod Vanguard is possibly its most worthy aspect of grinding in search of your weapons. This not only requires that you complete all the weapons challenges for a particular weapon, but also get diamond camouflage for all kinds of weapons, which will take some time. Fortunately, there is one Atomic camouflage problem of Cod Vanguard You can use it right now to get that elegant aspect on any weapon you want in seconds. Here you have everything you need to know to use it on your own.

What is atomic camouflage?

The Atomic Camo is one of the Completions camouflages of Cod Vanguard.

This means that players must complete all the challenges of each weapon to unlock gold, then do it for each weapon in each weapon class to unlock the Diamond Beds, then unlock all the Diamond Beds to get the Atomic Camo.

It is, by far, the camouflage of the game which requires more polishing.

How to get atomic camo quickly and easily in Cod Vanguard

Fortunately, there is an Atomic Camo error that you can use if you play on a PC and you have a controller. While doing it, follow the steps below to get atomic camouflage on any weapon in Cod Vanguard

Load Cod Vanguard and sail to the multiplayer section of the game.
Enter your Equipment menu and select the weapon for which you want atomic camouflage.
Go to the armored, then personalize → camouflage → Completions camouflages.
Now move the cursor to the None picture and start making small circles with the mouse.
Now press left on the D-PAD and the Show button on Xbox / TouchPad on PS4 / PS5 at the same time.
This should automatically unlock the atomic camouflage in Cod Vanguard.

If you still have difficulty doing well, see the Nagios video on Twitter below.

Here is a 20-second video on how to do it. pic.twitter.com/prxt5gljbpf.

— Nagios (@ Nagios ) November 9, 2021

How To Unlock ATOMIC CAMO INSTANTLY! (Vanguard Camo Glitch Tutorial)

It must be taken into account that, since it is a problem, Activision could solve it at any time, making it unnecessary. As such, we recommend that you use it as soon as possible before it is fixed with the hope that it will be kept.

There you have How to get an Atomic Camo error in Cod Vanguard. To get more tips, tricks and guides, look for Atomic or see our game coverage below.