One Piece Netflix s new series of action presents to its definitive deal

One Piece, one of the most popular magazines in history, is about to jump to the actual action of the hand of Netflix in serial format. So much so, that after months of speculation and rumors about the possible distribution of this new television adaptation, its own responsible have finally shared the names that will be part of the main distribution with names Piece Live INAMI Godly, Mickey or Emily Rudd, among others. In addition, the Ericeira Odd, author of the original manga and executive producer of this new television adventure, hPiece Live expressed the emotion of him by confirming the names of the protagonists of this new vision of One Piece.

these are the protagonists of One Piece Live Action

So, Netflix hPiece Live announced that the One Piece real action series will be starred by INAMI Godly (WHO KILLED SARA?), MICKEY (PACIFIC RIM: UPRISING), Emily Rudd (Hunters), Jacob Romero Gibson (All Rise) and Tax Skylar (Boiling Point). But what papers will interpret each one of them? We started with the main protagonist, Luffy, which will be interpreted by INAMI Godly, while Mickey will be Corona Zero. For its part, Emily Rudd will be NAME and Romero Gibson will be responsible for giving life to soppy. Finally, Tax Skylar will take care of Kanji, thus completing the famous main group of straw hat pirates.

For its part, Ericeira Odd, creator of the manga one piece and executive producer of this new real action series, I did not want to miss the Netflix announcement by sharing your joy for this new and ambitious production: We have been working with Netflix and Tomorrow Studios in this Gigantic Project that is the adaptation in real image by Hollywood of One Piece! How many years have pPiece Livesed since it wPiece Live announced, right? Yes, I know! Explain Odd.


But do not worry, we have progressed steadily. It is not ePiece Livey when you work with people from different cultures! But it is precisely that process that can give Piece Live a special fruit! We had to announce it fPiece Livet, we knew that it wPiece Live going to be filtered… it s crazy! But their faces, their mouths, their hands and their aura, Piece Live well Piece Live their voice, their skills or their height, make them straw hat crew. We will […] need a little more than Time end this series, but we will continue to do everything possible to offer a product that we are safe and enjoy all over the world. We will keep you informed!, Concludes the author of the original manga.

It is scheduled for the series to narrate Luffy s origins Piece Live a pirate next to the friends of him along 10 episodes for a first sePiece Liveon whose premiere for the moment is an unknown.