Star Wars The Old Republic Bioware brings back the legendary trailers in 4K

After a longer thirsty route, Star Wars is finally back on the up: The Mandalorian is currently turning its third season, Asoka and Bob fat starting its own spin-offs, several movies are in progress, Obi-Wan may next year and even the iconic Motor gets finally His well-deserved remake.

But we do not want to forget a title that is often underestimated: Star Wars: The Old Republic celebrates his tenth birthday this year! The developers had an unusual idea for the anniversary: ​​they simply bring the first class CGI trailers back and gradually publish them in a chic 4K resolution. With the spectacular render videos, Bioware at the time ensured luminous eyes with many Star Wars fans. Especially the first Cinematic trailer Deceived harvested broad praise on June 1, 2009, and curled the anticipation of the game powerful. This video has now released Bioware in crispy 4k, here you can watch the result.

Incidentally, the elaborate video does not come from Bioware itself, but by the animation and production company Blur Studio. The team is now responsible for a lot of outstanding trailers (u.a. test) as well as elaborate intermediate sequences, for example, Blur was also responsible for the chic cinematic of Halo Wars 2. Blur Studio is also active beyond the game industry and has produced the Anthology Series Love, Death & Robots for Netflix. Blur Studio was co-founded by Driver Tim Miller (Deadpool) in 1995, which is why they were responsible for the effects of the last terminator strip.

The future of SW TOR

The next render trailer for Star Wars: The Old Republic will publish Bioware at a later date. And of course, the developers want to draw attention to their new Legacy of the Sith, which should appear again in the end of this year. In addition, further content and improvements have been announced for the next year, according to the official site, regular story updates, other UI updates, a revised PVP system, other galactic seasons, a new flash point, new locations, technical modernization and optical Improvements the speech.

STAR WARS™: The Old Republic™ - 'Return' Cinematic Trailer
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The still strong DECEIVED -CINEMATIC to Star Wars: The Old Republic is also part of our great special, where we have put together a huge charge of memorable Games trailer for you. From Dead Island and The Witcher 3 to Star Wars, Batman and Hell gate: London is here the full pack of noble trailers with goose bumps. Just look in!

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How about Motor again?

If you have come to the original Knights of the Old Republic again, we can do you — no joke — even the mobile versions. Both parts were implemented by ASSR for smartphones and are also well playable on mid-range devices. (Motor 2 is even running with mods!) In our test, we both played Android versions for you. In the near future, a switch implementation of Knights of the Old Republic will also appear, the test will read here soon.

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From Felix Schultz

08.11.2021 at 12:08