Neverwinter I will gladly sell you the opportunity to spot the item from the character

Binds-On-Equip and Binds-On-Pickup are standard in MMORPG type games. Thanks to them, the object is attributed to our character or account, which, for it, after its assumption / gaining, can not be handed over to another person or sell. In this way, developers emphasize the uniqueness of the equipment — if you want to have a sword of the final extermination +69, you have to get it yourself and not buy away from someone. Is it good things or evil? Rate yourself.

River District - Incriminating Documents - Neverwinter Quest Item Locations

It is important that in MMORPG type type Theme Park is a standard, and Never winter Online decides to break up with it! How? By selling Unbind Tokens, a given item from us. From November 11 in Item Shop games you will find the appropriate tool to make this process. Of course there are some restrictions on which you can, and what can not be shopped, as well as the cost dependent on the amount of items.

Cryptic Studios emphasizes that first starting from a limited list of items that can be heard from each other, but with time it will be expanding. Nevertheless, things such as mounts or Companions will never be in this pool. The creators also pointed out that if the tokens can primarily buy in the Item Shop, we will get them (Unbind Tokens) also through playing.

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