Borr saves Eintracht Frankfurt near Greuther F rth

The 2021– 22 Bundesliga is the 59th period of the Bundesliga, Germany s leading football competitors. It started on 13 August 2021 and will end on 14 May 2022. The fixtures were introduced on 25 June 2021. Bayern Munich are the nine-time protecting champions.

Eintracht Frankfurt has sued in the Bundesliga of the hoped for liberation, the SPV GG Reuther Fürth, on the other hand, continued her horror home series dramatically.

Oliver Glaser beamed after the liberation over the whole face, his opposite Stefan Late was as paralyzed after the knock-out at the last minute as paralyzed: Eintracht Frankfurt won despite a lack of idea, despite a shelter of the pause, the basement duel at Reuther Fürth as happy as dramatic with 2: 1 (0: 0) and gave up some air after the second season in the league. Trainer Glaser can now go more easily in the country break.

For Fürth, despite a passionate achievement after the 22nd futile start, finally in the Roof becomes a Bundesliga victory, and more and more dramatic. Only one point after eleven playing days — so bad was not a team in the Bundesliga history.

It was a victory of the fight and mentality, said the substitute Sebastian Rode, who had achieved the late leadership gate in the 75th minute, with DAZN. We have to get this light blockade that we have in the Bundesliga, added Rode with a view to the previous season of Contract, who has so far convinced mainly in the Europa League in the Europa League apart from the sensation victory at FC Bayern.

Cedric Kitten managed to compensate for the hosts in the second minute, but in return, Rafael Bore shot the Contract to victory (90. + 4) and met the Further, which fell almost collectively to the final whistle.

We have to mobilize all forces now and take this momentum and show this euphoria, Slasher demanded before the match after his team in the European Cup once again showed another face. But in Fürth was nothing to see from this momentum before the pause. Rather, the Hesse switched to the feared league mode.

Greuther Fürth - Eintracht Frankfurt 1-2 | Highlights | Matchday 11 – Bundesliga 2021/22
Against the aggressive francs, the guests did not come into play before 10,244 spectators. The Hesse met on a hull troop of the shamrock. A total of eleven players lacked, including the injured defensive chief Nick Wherever and five positively tested professionals tested.

Fürth plays courageously — without success

Nevertheless, the SPV GG bravely occurred and put the tired acting harmonics under pressure. Vladimir Bogota and Paul Seguin also had very good chances, but when graduated, the necessary quires were lucky and also the determination. The entrance remained completely harmless before the break.

We have the thing well under control, but must also make a ball, said Fürth s Eintracht Frankfurts chief Rashid Azzouzi at DAZN. And it continued so on. Fürth urged, but Petra Willems and the eye-catching Jamie Leveling missed the Further leadership shortly after the change.

The Contract now woke up and suddenly had some dangerous actions that led in the leadership. However, Fürth tried everything that would force Kevin Trap in the 87th minute to a strong parade. Then it became turbulent.