Crab Game is not the squid game but it looks like the Netflix series and is sweeping in Steam

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It was expected that given the success of the game squid on Netflix soon appeared in PC games and mobile willing to adapt your idea, and so it proved. Since late October Steam users can enjoy Crab Game, a multiplayer adventure made in a few days for South Korean amateur show is triumphing with all letters, very positive reviews.

No need much introduction for those who have seen the TV series: Crab Game invites several players to start compete in various challenges inspired by Korean traditional children s games with the disadvantage, of course, that being defeated involves more to lose the honor. Dani does not adapt all the adventures we see in Squid Game, but several of them for the joy of the fans.

Home Game Crab offers more than 29 maps nine game modes and the ability to share games with up to 35 players away, obviously the 456 survivors who can see in the action drama Hwang Dong-hyuk. At the moment it is unknown whether it will work on improvements for the title, which since last October 29 will be available for free download on Steam.

Among the most played Steam

Crab Game Is Toxic.... (The Real Squid Game)
Game Crab has nearly 20,000 reviews with a 91% approval rating, according to SteamDB the game has peaks over 40,000 simultaneous players, having enough support also among content creators Twitch. Of course, the developer wanted to send a warning on social networks, especially addressed to streamers, where warns of possible security problems in the game you are currently trying to solve.

For its part, the game Squid Netflix has made history in more than 111 million viewers during its early days on the platform.