Battlerite ends 4 years so he will get a sweetheart instead of updating with new products

Stunlock Studios you should associate. They released BloodLine Champions and died. They released Dead Island: epidemic and died. They released Battleteri and died. They released Battlerite Royale and died. Now in the plans they have V Rising and maybe they will achieve greater success this time. Although who knows them there.

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Generally, Battlerite has not been closed. The game further exists and Steam Chart claims that even 200 people regularly plays this title. Nevertheless, Stunlock Studios abandoned him and declared that more updates would not be. Next, however, the 4th birthday of Battlerite and the creators decided that on this occasion they can shed a handful of shavings.

You can take away all Champions Pack for free if you are new players, but veterans can also take this opportunity. How to do it? Come on November 7 to this link to get the appropriate code / input. The creators claim that this is an ideal opportunity to play Battlerite and invite friends, so take this opportunity.

If you are not afraid of you, please visit Discorda Battlerite and V Rising to get a chance to get a rare mounted. On Sunday, developers will also play with the community, so if you want to quit their challenge, it s boldly!

Details can be found here.