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Diablo IV is an approaching dungeon crawler activity role-playing game established by Snowstorm Home entertainment, the fourth title in the Diablo series. The video game was introduced at BlizzCon 2019 on November 1, 2019 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. A release day has not been announced by Blizzard Enjoyment; nonetheless, it has actually been confirmed that the video game will certainly not be released in 2021. Collection attributes such as re-playable, procedurally created dungeons, and loot-focused character-building are returning, while brand-new features such as an open world, and gamer versus gamer (PVP) interactions are incorporated. Four usable classes have actually been revealed– Barbarian, Sorceress, Druid, and also Rogue– every one of which have appeared in the collection. Players assist their character via quests and also fight on the planet of Refuge as the as soon as banished Lilith go back to create chaos.

Shortly after the US release, Blizzard Entertainment has published the update 9.1.5 for the online role-playing world of Warcraft now also published in Europe. It is a kind of intermediate update that does not bring any big changes or extensive new content – that happens only with version 9.2.0. Nevertheless, it has a lot to offer.

What are the highlights in the update 9.1.5 for WOW?

Among other things, the developers have taken the class balancing from World of Warcraft to chest again. The team has adapted some of the skills, which is likely to have a high probability of the DPS ranking. In addition, it is now without restrictions and decay times, the pact to change – glory 80 assumed.

Furthermore, the time migration: Legion awaits the magic tower, some changes in the successes and a variety of bug fixes and optimizations. Here is the complete list of changes:

WOW: The official German patch Notes for 9.1.5

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1. WOW patch 9.1.5: Official German patch Notes


1.2. Allied peoples


1.4. Class

1.5. Pact

1.6. Dungeons and battles

1.7. Island expeditions and war fronts

Patch 9.1.5 GUIDE: All You Need To Know
1.8. Objects and rewards

1.9. Korthia and the Schlund

1.10. Pet vapor

1.11. Pvp

1.12. JOBS

1.13. Quest

1.14. Rune

1.15. Threads of fate

1.16. Torghast, tower of the damn

1.17. User interface and accessibility

1.18. WoW Companion App

WOW patch 9.1.5: Official German patch Notes


An error has been fixed, by which the success flying festivities was not granted after picking up the toy Kranzerang.
The following changes were made to mecha success :
Record: Triumph of Gnomeregan \ – Now a guaranteed prey on the event recovery tower on the difficulty level difficult.
Record: Battle of Gnomeregan \ – The buoyant rate has been increased for all hologram bosses.
Bauplan: Holographic digitalization relay \ – The buoyant rate has been increased for all hologram bosses.
Bauplan: emergency missile chicken \ – OOX-Flinkfuß / mg returns faster and does not disappear if it was not killed at the end of the path. OOX-Flinkfuß / MG now has a vignette star that displays you on the mini card when he runs ahead if you are entitled for prey from the OOX-Rächer / MG.
Color PHIoles: Lemonade Steel \ – The frequency of the exothermic evaporator coil has been increased. The duration of rain was reduced, but oxidized lye occurs much more often during rain (700% faster). The oxidized rocky web can now occur much more often during rain.
enough played and battleprised \ – Both quests are now offered according to toys of destruction (previously 1 randomly chosen).
Available in eight colors \ – This success is now accounting and grants all characters on the account all color variants of the mechano cat X-995.

Allied peoples

New character adjustments for high streets, light-forged Draenei, nightborn and empty elves.
Light-forged Draeney Paladine now have their own class render: the lawyer Ruinprescher.
The dungeon quests for the activation of KUN Tiranern, mechnomenon and dark arrows are no longer required. If you accepted the Dungeonquest, you can talk to the NSC again to skip the quest.
An error with the Mindermag in some facial options for male nightborn has been fixed.
A mistake with the facial bone structure of Dark Rooms has been fixed.
An error has been fixed, which could not be completed the quest series for unlocking Orcs of Mag har if the character had not started the Campaign of Battle for Azeroth.


Weather effects were added in Stormwind and Orgrimmar.


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Dungeons and battles

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Island expeditions and war fronts

You can now go to a normal, heroic or mythical island expedition with a group of up to three players. Speak with Captain Rez okun in Dazar Alor (Horde) or Finn Schönwind in Boralus (Alliance) to compete alone!
The number of players for normal war fronts in the battle for electricity guard and the battle around the dark coast was reduced to 5 (before 15).

Objects and rewards

Players must finish the success storm on the tomb only on a character per account to begin the class quests for ribs in legion on the devastated coast. However, each character still needs to complete the religious campaign and quests and recruit the last champion for the religious hall.
Provides your complete transmogrification set in chat or online by simply linking it out of the fitting. Players can go with the mouse over the items to see how they can be obtained, whether they are already in their possessions or whether the template is available for the viewing character.
The transmogrilification templates of cosmetic items are now learned when the object is used.
Erbstückspäherkarten, with which all areas are immediately explored and the ambitious characters provide all useful flight routes, are now available for all extensions (previously only for Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms).
Splitter of the rule are now dropped more often.
The amount of soul gut that is granted on the levels 8-12, at attacks on the clip, in the event torghast event and in command table missions, was significantly increased.
Herzogin Mynx in Korthia now sells versions of the Corthean equipment that create a equipment for certain places.
Acquisite ta gosh in the hall of Oribos s curios now sells a goal control splitter with which you can activate the next demonic gate.
Comment The developer: Demonic gates are sometimes high in the slaughter case of a boss encounter and other high pressure situations. To counteract potential frustration, if you do not manage to use the gate in time, we created the goal control splitter, with which you can alternatively click or enable macros demonic gates.
Au dara The mediator for heirlooms next to the air champion in Oribos sells the following account-bound objects:
Armor protection for eternal heirlooms and weapons sheath for eternal heirlooms – a new rank for heirlooms has been added and all heirlooms are now useful in Shadowlands.
Meanwhile, the award characters that achieve glory 80 can buy this item for a bustle character to bring it to glory 40 immediately. About glore 40, the object can not be used.
Independant of the traveler – Anima can be brought into new packages or sent to minor characters.
Chest with brave equipment – contains 1 piece of equipment on item level 210, mythical 0. The chest can only be purchased with a character point with a character that has a rating for mythical + of at least 1,500.
Chest with unleashed equipment – contains 1 piece of equipment made of unofficated PVP on Item Level 220. The chest can only be purchased with conquest points from a character that has a rating of at least 1,600 in any PVP area.
Time-bound nuplex – sets the step of an adventurer to 30. Requires an adventure to at least level 40. Can not be used for level 30 or higher adventures.
6 new pairs of cosmetic boots are available in the world event of the Great Stylecheck. These new boots offer a unique look for peoples, which normally do not wear shoes, and can be bought with brands of the large Stylecheck.
An error has been fixed, by the feast of greedy enjoyment and surprisingly edible foothills could not be eaten in time immigration.
Newly created characters start now with new armor. The old armor will be available in an upcoming update.
Pandars, Goblins, Worgen, Allied peoples, Death Knights, Demon Hunters and Monks maintain their original, specific armor.

Korthia and the Schlund

Players can unlock additional fast travel options of Ve naris for damnation fortress and Desmototaeron within the Schlund.
The conclusion of Quests for Archivary Roh-Suir provides access to an anima leaf in Korthia, via the Anima can be delivered directly.
The mini card of Oribos now shows the portal to Korthia.
Call at the Archivar Code
The Investigation Reports (Item Recordings) and Treaties (Bonus Sheets in 9.0 content) can now be purchased for the entire account if a character has reached the required call level on the Account.
Call Level 6 Player 6 can now buy the object Examination Report: Relic Investigation Techniques, a new account-bound object that you can send to a minor character to increase the call by relics and relic fragments by 50%.
The Quest Relicting Efficiency on call level 4 now also increases the average amount of relics that appears as a bonus boot from rare opponents and treasures, as well as many relics in daily quests or in weekly rewarding chests appear. This happens in addition to the current reward with a 20% chance to obtain twice the amount of normal relic fragments of rare opponents and treasures.
Two new quests have been added: Relics on the track on call level 3, where the bonus starts with an initial opportunity of 10% on double relic fragments, and reliktjäger on call level 5, in which the chance of double relics finally is increased to 40%. Both quests also increase the average amount of relics that appear as bonus boot, in daily quests or in weekly rewards.
Rare opponents in Korthia can now also drop relics with repeated kills (before there was a daily barrier for the chance of relics).
More opponents with relics can be found in Korthia with the general crystal.
An aligned gromit now finds more relic guide.
cracks from Korthia
A new weekly quest Lost Research is available for characters on call level 4 with the archive arcode or for busts with a character for call level 4 in the account. This new quest performs players in the crack of Korthia and rewards them with a large amount of reputation at the archive arcode and cataloged research.
Opponents in cracks of Korthia now let stolen relic fragments fall, with a chance of relics.

Pet vapors

Immaculate and family-specific combat exercises now offer a flat rate of 2,000 experience (previously the amount required for a level).
Devil s Touched fighting stones now offer a flat rate of 10,000 experience (previously the amount required for five stages).
Ultimate fighting premises cost now 35 polished pet luck charges (previously 60).
The fight against wild animals with a team of pets on a comparable level now offers twice the experience. Pets in your team qualify for this bonus if no pet in your team is more than two steps over an animal in the wildlife.
The punishment penalty for a dying pet was reduced to 50% (previously 100%). Pets still need to be active at least one round to win experience in a fight.
The entire pet experience, which is deserved in struggles, is increased by 50%.
To compensate for this, the enhancement effect for the bonus event: pet vapors sign of paw was reduced to 100% (previously 200%). In total, the pet experience won in the BonusEvent: pet vapors remains unchanged compared to the current values.


Low item PVP equipment is now scaling in PVP situations to a higher item level. That should weaken the power gap, so that new characters get the feeling of keeping on slaughter fields and in arenas. This adaptation has no influence on PVP equipment of higher object levels.
Additional PVP ranks and item stage ranks were added to play players, the ranks, to offer a more detailed way.

New rating / ranks in the evaluated PVP / Item Level / GSST in the PVP

\ – / rank 1 Unofficated / 220/233
1,000 / rank 2 fighters I / 226/239
1,200 / rank 3 fighter II / 229/242
1,400 / rank 4 challenger I / 233/246
1,600 / Rank 5 challenger II / 236/249
1,800 / Rank 6 Rival I / 239/252
1.950 / Rank 7 Rival II / 242/255
2,100 / rank 8 duelant / 246/2509
2,400 / Rank 9 Elite / 249/259

Unpacked PVP steps / Item Level / GSST in the PVP

Dealer / 177/213 Step 1/184/216 Step 2/190/220 Step 3 (Fame 44) / 197/223 Step 4/203/226 Step 5 (Fame 59) / 210/229 Step 6/216/233 The honorable costs for the upgrade of uniffered equipment were reduced by around 25%. Conquest costs for the appreciation of evaluated equipment has been adjusted to apply to all new ranks. The following toys can now no longer be used on battlefields and arenas: Participant costume Faeharfe Pikkolo of the Flame Fire The control loss effect of the pandarity Absive palm is now broken by absorbed damage.

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The yield of ores in all zones, including eletheed, was increased by 20%.
The buoyancy rate of Hornbalg and heavy hornbalg was increased by 20%.
The buoyancy rate of jewelery foodstops was increased by 10%.
The buoyancy rate of lightless silk was increased by 20%.


An error has been fixed, through which chief of Murgut has not appeared during the quest King of Radio Claws.
Successful characters on an account can now skip the introductory quest series in Shadowlands, which takes place in the Schlund, by talking to high-integrity white strands or Nazgrim after adding the quest Shadowlands: an icy precharge. Please note: To skip, you must have logged in with a character at level 60, which completed the sloping introduction.
For all who have already started the introductory quest series in Shadowlands : Jaina Prachtmeer in the cave in the bleak rust allows you to skip the rest of the introduction, if you have completed the quest escape from darkness and before you the cave leaves.

Rune carving

The Runenmetz now offers you to destroy an existing legendary object to retire the entire soul ash or soul glow needed to manufacture.
The builders of legendary effects in dungeons were set to 100% for all levels of difficulty.

Finds of fate

Tal-Inara now offers a daily quest for Torghast, tower of the damn, for experience and soul ash.
Tal-Inara now offers a daily quest for PvP battlefields for experience and equipment.
The bonus goals of the threads of fate are now much shorter and reward you with fame.
The destinations of the threads of fate are now rewarding you with equipment on higher object levels and anima.

Torghast, tower of the damn

The repeated conclusion of corridors now grants the full amount of soul ash (previously 20% after the first degree).
The repeated conclusion of corridors now grants the full amount of soul gut (previously no soul gut after the first degree).
Death Knight
An error has been fixed, caused by the Rune Hunter too often triggered.
The damage due to petrified household food is now increasing as intended with each pile of animabonic.

User interface and accessibility

The requirements for participating in the mentor system for newcomers have been updated. Players can join now after completing 3,000 quests and reached the highest level.
Improved compatibility with gamepads and support for Touchpad and Gyro.
Values ​​for mythical + and PVP can now be divided via the chat with Shift + Left-click.
The user interface for the item approval has been revised.
Gold, silver, and copper coins now have new symbols.
The unread post icon on the character selection screen is back.
Improvements for the Dungeon Browser
Accounts now require a Battle.net Authenticator to enter custom texts when registering a group for dungeons, battles or evaluated PVP. All players can still seek the groups of others and join them.
Comply of the developers: a dungeon browser full of advertising annoys us as well as you. A challenge that has made us reducing this advertising is that they are often posted by chopped or other unpackable accounts, so that the penalties represent no effective detriment by reports in the game. And if you leave on messages, it still means that some players will be annoyed by Spam before being reported. The Battle.net Authenticator is available for mobile devices and provides a simple and practical way to secure your account for world of Warcraft. If you do not want to use it for some reason, you can still register groups whose description is automatically generated (on the basis of the raid name and the selected level of difficulty in drop-down menus or on the basis of mythical keystone in your bags). Our goal is to clean up the dungeon browser without restricting normal players too much.
You can now search for a number range (search for 5-9 finds, for example, keystones of stages 5 to 9).
Dungeon browser information is automatically generated on the basis of the creator s keystone. The information can still be entered manually.
Group creators can now demand a minimum rating for mythical + or PVP of applicants.
Group creators can now choose a playing way to set expectations for the group.
The PVP rating is now displayed when browsing the entries for a value PVP and the candidate window.
Group creators can now browse the directories.
PVP categories are now approaching the player s PVP item level instead of the usual item level.

Improved feedback on chat messages
For players who report misconduct in the chat, and for those who are likely to be reported, confirmations were added.
If you report a player for verbal harassment or other disturbing behavior in the Game Chat, we will inform you if we put measures for this player.
If we notice that your behavior has worsened moderately, we will send you a warning so you can improve you before you get a punishment.
In acute cases of very bad behavior, the system can skip the warning and take action immediately.
/ Ignore now blocks all characters on the WOW -Account of the ignored player.
Text-to-speech settings are now stored on the server and there is now the option to save the settings accountswide.
Option to record the results of a language transcription into any chat window and change the font color.
The size of the mouse pointer can now be increased in the accessibility menu.
Summon Random Favorite Riding now conjures a random mount if no ribs are set as a favorite.
There is now a filter for flying beads in the mounting collection.
New mouse pointer icon for the transmogrier.
New pocket symbol for the standard print bag.
New customization options for characters are marked with the Note New in the character creation and the barber.
The Boyster of the Adventure Director now disconnects the normal prey of bonus boot to show that you have separate bags.
The note about an available PVP talent is now displayed only in war mode and in PVP instances.
Opponents and bosses dialog options have been added to the text-to-speech settings.
An indication has been added to highlight the material warehouse.
The window for advertisers a friend is now accessible with the command / WEF.
A shorter command was added to the facility check as an alternative: / BC
A shorter command was added to countdown as an alternative: / CD [seconds]
Various emotes have been adjusted:
Saders, cough, burp, pups, whistles, spitting and butt are no longer changing when used when targeting a player.
Engine and groanzes have been adjusted when used when targeting a player.
4 new emotes have been added: hurray, excellent, impressed and floating.
Kicks, stink, wobble and moaning were removed.
Comment of the developers: Some of these emotes seem harmless at first glance, but if a player is targeted, they can suddenly work ambiguous or intrusive. We have adapted these emotes with negative taste taste for other players and added some new ones.

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WOW Companion App

Missions from Warlords of Draenor are now available for players who have unlocked the garrison and the command table in Warlords of Draenor. Players can watch, equip their trailers in the app and send them to command table missions.

Source: Blizzard Entertainment

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