Handball HSV Hamburg broken off against Mt Melsungen

The game between promoted HSV Hamburg and the Mt Melsungen in the Handball Bundesliga has been canceled because of a medical emergency in the audience area. After an interruption, in consultation with the referees, the game was ultimately continued after 22 minutes of play at 11: 8 for melsungen no longer continued.

Scholles Blitzfazit zum Spiel | HSV 1:1 Holstein Kiel | Saison 21/22 | #035
According to the information of the Morgenpost Hamburg, it was a brother of a HSV player at the fan concerned. The young man is fine, but we have to cancel the game at this point, said Managing Director Sebastian Frecke, according to Mopo on the hall microphone.

Of course we all got a fairly horror. The shock was very deep and we were very happy that this decision was made, says HSV player Lukas Ossenkopp at Sky.

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Already two weeks ago, the game was broken between the Bergische HC and the HSG Wetzlar because of two medical emergencies in the audience area.