World of Warcraft is doing well since he adds another Mount Premium

Blizzard knows what players want. They corrected questions, exchanged women to fruits, forbid used the word Zielononoskórze, announced not such bad news in patch 9.1.5 and gave the date of the release of the update. If they made as much good for World of Warcraft Shadowlands, they should be a bonus! That s why a new Mount Premium appeared in the Item Shop.

SO MUCH TO DO | How To Get EVERY New Patch 9.1 Mount

SunwarMed Furline is a new, unique mount, which you will buy for real money or exchanging wow token for cash in Battle.net. This Mount, apart from the one-of-a-kind model, does not have any additional features (except the recovery animation), so it is completely optional and not pay-to-win. There is therefore nothing to turn on the scandal, which I suggest. Price? 25 Euro.

At this moment there is no information that Sunwamed Furline will be part of the subscription for half a year. The mountains can be purchased simply in the Item Shop, but maybe it will also be part of the package. Well, besides? Season for Season of Mastery in World of Warcraft Classic! A specially modified and overclocked version of Wow Classic will start on November 17.

Earlier, on November 11, you will be able to participate in the reservation of nicknames if you want. People with active subscription will receive the opportunity to take one character with their nickname on their account. You will also have to choose a server on which you plan to play.

During the year, World of Warcraft Classic Season of Masters will provide full content. Season of Mastery servers will offer faster leveling, harder raiding, no world buffs in Raidach, no limit of debuffers on bosses and several other changes. Details can be found here!