Pok mon Go Promo Codes for Free Items in November 2021

The developers of Pokémon GO give themselves through Ingame events such as Halloween 2021 or the soon upcoming Día de Muertos \ – or events such as the light festival and festivities to the next Pokémon game – honestly effort to rinse you free goodies into the inventory. But sometimes it may be a bit more, or – especially if you do not have to do anything great?

And there come, also in a game like Pokémon Go, so-called promo codes into the game. Although the fans always gladly claim that the developers wanted to pull them only the money out of his pocket, but let s go out of eight.

Pokémon Go – Promo Codes in November 2021

These promo codes can bring in consumables that facilitate you the game or even items for your Avatar, so that you can dress him according to your wishes.

In November 2021, the three following codes are still activated for Pokémon Go, which you can engage if it has not happened yet. Visit for the activation of the items simply the website for redeeming offers in Pokémon Go. Sign up with your Pokémon Go account.

E9K4SY77F5623 brings you 10 x Pokéball
KUAXZBJUTP3B7 brings you Samsung s cap and Samsung shirt
lrqev2vz59uda brings you Verizon jacket and Verizon mask


If you have not redeemed a code yet, then you will be told that the items will be delivered to you soon in the game. If you have already activated a code already, then you will learn about the website for redeeming the promo codes.

Apart from that, however, you should log in anyway every day in Pokémon Go, because often there are daily free boxes with helpful Goodies for catching the pocket monsters.

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