Wow Patch 9 1 removed Klammhimlich the most important story

Patch 9.1 by Wow Shadowlands bears the name Chains of the Rule and the main action focuses on sending players to Korthia. But it also seems to have removed the option to complete certain previous quests that the Torghast story explained. This ensures confusion among some players.

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In the WoW Forum, Byrhtnoth, who only entered the shadowlands after the publication of 9.1, is no longer available to certain quests that originally accounted for the Torghast storyline. A total of 13 parts of important historia were simply removed. Also on Reddit has taken this story drive and players are funny in the comments about it.

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Starting with exploring Torghast, these quests were originally offered by Hochlord Bolvar Forsdragon, after he had unlocked the runnsmith – at the end of the second chapter of the pact campaign. However, since chains of the rule begins with the automatically adopted quest the first step, this seems to be the option of accepting the previous quests out of force – even though they were not technically out of the game, it is simply impossible to start them.

In contrast to quests, which, for example, simply lead the players through their portions, the Torghast quests are large, important stories, which are fundamentally for the story of the shadowlands themselves. The introductory cinematic prior to the patch, as Jaina, Baine, Thrall and Anduin are kidnapped by Schlundbungen sent by Sylvanas and the Chairman. One of the main reasons why we as a player enter the shadowlands at all is to find and rescue our leader – and the story of Torghast deals specifically with this task.

Since these quests can no longer be completed, players will no longer be able to find and rescue thall and jina themselves. And although it is true that the Player Bolvar can still ask you to show you the important cinematics with Sylvanas and Anduin originally appeared in these quests, it is not quite the same experience to see them only from the context.

However, this is not the first time that important quest straps were removed from the game and thereby left big gaps in history. Legendary questlines like that of Furorion during Mists of Pandaria often disappear together with their rewards.

You also noticed this change, or do not interest these changes to the Lore so much. We are looking forward to your opinion in the comments.

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