Lol the event disappeared because of the worlds that everyone misses less

Halloween events are some of the most expected in many videogames, but League of Legends takes time away from any celebration related to this festival. Although at other times we had gigantic events that even included changes to the invoker crack, in recent years the date has been less and less pointed out and now it is just synonymous with the launch of a few thematic skins. Releases that, in the case of the haunted cosmetics of this edition, have not even arrived exploited on the scheduled date.

Why does not League of Legends do not have Halloween event?

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Throughout the history of Halloween events (called Harrowing in the game) we have received endless contents very remembered by the community. Game modes have arrived like the Damn Bots and its variants, the redesign of the twisted forest in which we played three against three or themes of Skins of different thematic lines that included the theme of the costumes. In short, it was one of the most careful events by Riot Games at a time when this type of festivities were not as usual.

However, Halloween celebration in League of Legends has run into a gigantic problem: Since 2017, all DeWorlds editions have finished or just on the date of this party or a few days later. It is precisely from this date when the contents related to the festivity begin to be reduced to finally go as unnoticed as in this edition, where even the aspects have not finished meeting the expectations of the community.

Unfortunately, does not seem that the Halloween event will come back soon to League of Legends. With the exception of the deployment carried out with Ultimate SpellBook, Riot Games has not made changes to the summaker crack in a long time and now focuses on his new policy: to make a single gigantic event a year and accompany him with much more discreet thematic parties. In this sense, it is practically impossible to decide to overlap that great celebration with that of the Worlds.