Circuit superstars starting signal for the versatile car racing on PC and Xbox

On October 12, 2021, the Canadian Developers Original Fire Games together with Square Enix Collective published the Top-Down Racer Circuit Superstars for PC and Xbox One and officially ended the Early Access after seven months. The download via Microsoft Store and Steam, where the previous user reviews very positive fail, costs 19.99 euros each. The implementations for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch should follow.

In the game description it is: Circuit Superstars is a top-down racer – developed by racing sports for racing fans. The game celebrates generations of versatile motorsport and focuses on fantastic driving pleasure with a variety of abilities, so that players can bring up players Your perfect round ruffled. The beginning is simple, but learning the subtleties of the driving behavior of every car and the development of the ideal line through each curve of each route offer a challenge for a long time. And not only: with the option of fuel consumption, tire wear and tire wear and The race damage can even make a good pit stop strategy even the difference between victory and defeat. Feels how the rubber eats in the asphalt when you rest over the start line and put you with squeaking brakes in the first curve!

As features are mentioned:

Sens, how tires hit on asphalt – with the model for haptic driving behavior, you can literally feel how the tires eat into the asphalt.
We celebrate the motorsport – rises: Vehicles from different motorsport disciplines such as Rallycross, Open Wheel one-seater, super trucks, GT races, EuroTrucks and many more.
BoxenStop Strategies – Circuit Superstars offers (optional) tire wear, fuel consumption and race damage, and you are challenged to dynamically adapt your pit stop strategy during the race.
Online multiplayer – you measure yourself in online multiplayer races with up to twelve players from around the world.
Weekly time-trial challenges – Every hundredth of a second counts! Calls on your friends and the rest of the world into regularly updated timest challenges.
Grand Prix – masters all disciplines by overcoming each of the single player tournaments for all twelve categories.
Mall a worthy opponent – attack against five different Ki difficulty levels to challenge you on the way to top in Circuit Superstars.
Free game mode – Creates your own racing events or tournaments and plays against the Ki or your friends in Couch-Koop mode.
The workshop – fits your cars and drivers with coatings, helmets and victory celebrations that unlock them with your progress!
Sarts the motors! – Twelve vehicles are available to choose from each with a very own driving behavior.
I Ain t Afraid of No Ghost – with ghosts worldwide you can see how players tackle each route. Also included are the celebrity riders from Top Gear X Circuit Superstars Star in A Reasonable Fast Car Invitational 2021!
Location location location – ride on 19 routes in 13 bright locations.
RENNE REPLAYS – With replays you can watch your race again to revel in epic overtaking maneuvers or to study your ideal lines and your opponents.
Writes your story – uses a variety of replay cameras to look at your experiences on the route from different angles that bring you close to the events!

Let's try : Circuit Superstars
Local multiplayer with split screen – challenges up to three friends or the woven ki to single races or creates your own tournaments!
TOP-Gear time attack – Take a different kind of challenge – this time with the replica of the world famous Top Gear Test Track race at Circuit Superstars! Attend against riders from a whole range of genuine motorsport formats as well as for first-class esport stars and tries to beat them. Exercises with your heroes to optimize your performance and look extremely stylish in special stig costume!
Von racing sports fans developed for racing fans – a life with racing has inspired the developers to Circuit Superstars. They are grew up in the pit lane, in the paddock and on the racetrack and have enjoyed the motorsport to the fullest.

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