Do not expect Netflix to buy as many video game studies

Next year Netflix will be offering video games as part of your current subscription. It seems that the company will be taking this new plan seriously, because only recently they bought Night School Studio , responsible team for oxenfree . However, neither do you expect that they are constantly acquiring studies.

During a financial meeting this week, Gregory Peters , Financial Director of Netflix , established the expectations about what we can expect from the company in terms of procurement of studies:

We will only do it when the opportunity is presented. Do not wait for us to buy studies constantly. This will be one of the tools we will use, and we will only use it when we see a great opportunity out there.

On the other hand, Spencer Wang , Vice President of Finance, added the following:

They know that we are quite selective when it comes to acquisitions. But as Greg said, if an opportunity is presented, and if our values ​​are aligned with those of another company, then that is an opportunity that we are not going to waste.

So there you have it, Netflix will only buy studies when the proper opportunity is. Will it also go to make great acquisitions or will only be limited to small studies?

Editor s note: It was to be expected that, contrary to Sony and Microsoft, Netflix were going to take things more calmly. Recall that the streaming giant will start by offering mobile games via your new subscription model to try this market, and it is fine, then you could start introducing much larger things.

Via: VGC