Xbox Series X Mini Fridge pre order phase upset fans

The Xbox Mini refrigerator is hot desires and in the current time, it is not very easy to deliver a new product in sufficient quantities. Nevertheless, yesterday s pre-order phase for Xbox Mini Fridge was an absolute disaster.

Not because so little refrigerators for the German market were provided (according to our sources there were 1200 pieces for Germany), but the lack of communication to the pre-order phase itself.

Microsoft has teamed up as a partner for the introduction of the Xbox Mini Fridge with Gamestop and forged a plan on how to find this merchandise article best to the fans and has failed miserably.

Xbox fans throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland are angry and angry – too we have made a lot of frustration.

The reasons are obvious: no communication!

There are simply no information when you can order the part. Above all, the clarification lacked that the Xbox Mini Fridge is not offered at all in Austria and Switzerland at all.

No wonder so that the first Xbox fans are launched directly on 15 October 2021 the first Xbox fans in the store in the store to secure a pre-order. But in the shop it was usually meant only from the 19th of October 2021, then come over again! .

Well, a date is a stretchy concept and so not just a few Xbox fans stayed awake on October 18th, 2021 until late at night to order an Xbox Mini Fridge as possible from 0:00.

Pust cake! Even at 03:00 at night, some fans who have contacted us have still reloaded and maintained. At some point, however, they have given up frustrated.

But even the next morning, from 5:00 clock there was no way to order the Fridge. The hours were longer and longer. When there was nothing until 9:30 am still nothing, the first in wind and rainy weather already campaigned in front of the local Gamestop stores, so as to have at least one way for a pre-order.

But even here, the Xbox fans were sent away again, because the local Gamestop operators were only informed on Monday evening that all Xbox Mini refrigerators can only be sold online – another setback!

So quickly home and again and again the website of Gamestop reloaded and hoped for. Time passed and many spent hours in front of the browser to get a Xbox refrigerator at some point (yes a mini fridge!). Some were already there for over ten hours and only wanted to order an Xbox merchandise article.

Via Twitter Gamestop announced that you do not know anything may :


  • Gamestop de-at-CH (@Gamestop DE) October 19, 2021

Xbox Mini Fridge - World Premiere
The waiting time became more and more annoying. No information, statements or hints of Xbox Germany or Gamestop, not a word!

Then suddenly from 15:00 clock the gamestop side was much slower and many thought, there is something, but also puff cake.

It is now 15:33 clock. Some fans sit since 0:00 in front of the browser and hammering on F5. ⚠️

Other stood in rainy weather before the local @Gamestop and were sent away, since an order is only possible online!

Very bad communication @XBoxDach. ????

  • Mini Fridge (@Mini Fridge) October 19, 2021

Only from 16:00 (as we have already reported yesterday) the Xbox Mini Fridge could be pre-ordered. The problem was that about about 15:50 the GAMESTOP website was crashed overloaded.

About half an hour the Gamestop website was not available and it was said: Gamestop.de is currently not available for maintenance. Check out in a few hours.

Then the server recovered from the onslaught and gradually but slowly rebuilt the Gamestop page for individual visitors, while others were still greeted with an error message.

When Gamestop has released the pre-order on 19 October 2021 at about 16:30 clock, everything was already out of print! In parallel, a newsletter was sent, the Gamestop + Level 3 customers allegedly give exclusive access to the Mini Fridge, but there it was long too late.

Following the product side, a queue opened on the product page. So there was still hope, but you already suspect it – (puff cake) – all the time deservation, because whoever has really been waiting, was a time later sent away with the sold out indication!


Most of Xbox fans are not upset that they are empty and take this more sporty, rather they are angry, as frustrating this pre-order phase has expired without any hints.