The digital version of Dying Light for Switch is banned throughout Europe

The Saga Dying Light is living a sweet moment. With Dying Light 2 on the horizon and the improvements advertised for the Helllraid Update, Techland is prepared to relaunch your Zombies license.

Today, October 19, it is put on sale Dying Light: Platinum Edition in Nintendo Switch , an enlarged version with more than 100 hours of play. You can also play it in PS4, Xbox One and PC, and soon natively in Next-Gen consoles.

In fact, surely many have already bought the physical edition of Dying Light for Switch. But … what happens with the digital version? Check yourselves: Currently it is not in the Eshop .

Dying Light players take a few hours investigating why , and, finally, A Techland representative has clarified it in a reset forum.

It turns out that the headquarters of the European Nintendo Shop is in Germany . And, since its launch in 2015, Dying Light is prohibited in that country … which makes this affect the rest of European regions.

The digital version of the game is currently forbidden in Germany, where the European electronic store is officially registered. This makes it impossible to officially distribute the game in European countries and also in Australia and New Zealand, explains Techland.

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This implies that the players of Spain, France, Italy and other European countries can not download Dying Light Platinum Edition at La Eshop . In Germany it will not be sold, and at the moment this prohibition affects the rest of Europe.

As Techland says, this also affects regions such as Australia or New Zealand . The creators of the game comment that the digital version is only available in the United States and Asia .

The game is available digitally in the US. UU and Asia, and the commercial version is available around the world (except in Germany) .

Faced with this prohibition (which Techland is trying to solve), some European players are already looking for solutions to buy Dying Light for Switch. It consists of create an American account in the Eshop .

This can be done in some simple steps, and, at the moment, is the only way to buy switch dying light in digital format … or create an Asian account (except Japan, where it is launched in 2022).

Dying Light: Platinum Edition is available from today in Nintendo Switch, Amen from previous versions of PS4, Xbox One and PC. Techland will give a solution to the problem in the next few hours.

Source: reset