OS Analogue OS for retro game compatibility announces Included in future Analogue products including POCKET

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The other day Analogue, who had been anxious, is the original operating system Analogue OS , which is also equipped with the company s future products, including Analogue Pocket , which is scheduled to be shipped in December. Thank you.

Analogue OS , which is built to explore and praise all video games, and the beginning of a big thing, it seems that various functions such as library, information search, playlist, save state, screenshot are available. An outline of each feature is introduced on the announcement tweets and official sites.

Libraries are also a reference level data-based, and are also academic catalogs across the history of video games. Deterbases that provide services were built from zero as the best possible criteria.

A wide range of searches can be made, such as by system, by game, by region, developer, and publisher.

Add your own box art, game title screen, artwork, customizable library display (need to be added by user).

Create a playlist and organize your favorite games or quickly access. Sharing is also possible.

Save state, screenshot can always be used.

BIG Analogue Pocket Announcement! Is This A BIG Deal With FPGA Retro Gaming?
Provides tools that can track gameplay and look back on statistics.

Analogue OS is designed for Pocket, LCD / OLED, CRT / PVM.

Designed to be wired / wireless connection to almost all 8bitDo Bluetooth, 2.4 GHz, next generation controller. Use button mapping that can be stored for each controller.

Analogue OS library installed in Analogue Pocket is first compatible with game Boy Advance, Game Boy Color, Game Boy, Gear Gear. Neozzi Pocket Color, Neogio Pocket, PC Engine, Lynx is a plan to respond with cartridge adapter releases.