Andrew Wooten at the VfL Osnabr ck in the Leader

2 . League in Germany, MLS, lot\.com/how-many-games-are-in-the-austrian-bundesliga&sa=U&ved=2ahUKEwjtxIfaudHzAhVrAp0JHZwkAOIQFnoECAgQAg&usg=AOvVaw3-VrlU6mVoFZkD6NNFoSKv” title=”game”>game\sportsbar.blogspot.com/2021/09/rapid-coach-dietmar-kuhbauer-just-did.html” title=”Austrian Bundesliga”>Austrian Bundesliga and now 3. League at VfL Osnabrück: Andrew Woten has a colorful career behind. In summer, wiper moved back to Germany after two years, his last German station was the SV Sandhausen in 2019. After Osnabrück committed many young players in the past transfer window, witots have become one of the most experienced players after his transfer to one of the most experienced players. Of course, the older leaders, and to which I am also counting, especially required. But ultimately everyone in the team has to contribute to his part. If so many new players are added, the invention requires a certain time, the 32-year-old estimates his Role in the young team in an interview with the DFB.

We still have a lot of work in front of us.

Austrian Football League - SWARCO Raiders Tirol vs Dacia Vikings Vienna

Andrew Wooten

The rejuvenation of the squad also has to do with a transition after the descent from the second league in the past season, clear mission: recruiting. After last two defeats, a victory against Viktoria Berlin would be worth this Friday (19 o clock, live! At team) Gold value to lose the connection to the promotion places. Wootote itself the current situation looks rather sober: Osnabrück still has a lot of air up and must continue to improve, so you look rather from game to game and less on the table. We are optimistic that we have a good team, but we have a good team Have a lot of work ahead of us .

With Daniel Scherning, the VfL has a coach, for the Osnabrück the first station as a chef coach. Wiper praises the offensive style of screeches, he ll meet the strikers. We press the front and want to determine the game. That s a lot of fun.

Upper table half close to dense

Whether it succeeds in the Osnabrückern to determine the game against the molded newcomers from Berlin remains to be seen. The seventh placed VfL would pass by a victory at the four-ranked Viktoria, temporarily, even more two is possible, so densely the upper table half of the 3rd league is staggered. Two place and place twelve separate before the coming twelfth matchday only five counters.

WOOTO Himself had to watch most of the Osnabrück season start from the grandstand, because of a tap injury he did not stand the first six games days in the squad. Now he starts to collect minutes again: I m doing well now every game, because I have my fitness back. You can work a lot in training, but a game is a completely different stress. I m optimistic, soon again on more playing time get.