Chemnitz wants to prevent against locomotive fast can opener

The Chemnitzer FC counted on Wednesday night (19 pm) with 3,500 spectators in the stadium at the Gellertstraße. Of these, the club will be there around 600 fans from Leipzig, according to information. The anticipation is great even with Berlinski. This is obviously an unusual game with a lot of prestige, the coach knows the importance of the game.

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In round three of the national cup in Saxony eliminated defending champion Leipzig on Saturday, although surprisingly with 0: 2 out against fifth-division side Budissa Bautzen, while the CF against Grimma a 9: 1 celebrated victory. But Berlinski warns, pointing to the strong streak in the league. Lok has brought out the last six games 16 points, while 17: 1 Goals achieved.

Warning of Ziane

. A great team, but fast opener has had in recent weeks also very often has in three games quite early 1: out 0 Then take a game like a momentum for oneself, and it plays easier. Berlinski says and knows what to do: Therefore, it is important to be very alert at the beginning of the game, allowing nothing and defend very focused.

Defending prepared the coach doing little headache. We are on the defensive but to the absolute top teams in the league, he emphasizes. This is especially true of Leipzig attacker Djamal Ziane to tame. In seven games, the 29-year-old hit seven times. We know how dangerous he is, reassured Berlinski.