NEW WORLD Certain names are prohibited in Amazon MMO

The new MMO from Amazon is pretty good at the players. Crossfilled servers and long queues are the result to release New World. And though many players seem to be enthusiastically, the playful skills show herself with a very specific joke as a real game verder.

NEW WORLD: No tolerance for fun

New World has just appeared only a few days ago and it already blows records and servers – on Steam. Because the immense rush on the MMO has been ensuring long queues since the launch for miserable. (Source: Game Tips)

Now another aspect of the Game clouds the joy of the players and players: Amazon s missing humor. How to find out players, it is forbidden to give the own game character certain name. Is this about scolded words or discriminatory language? No, it s about the ego of a multimillarard. (Source: Kotaku)

Because in New World it is not possible to name your character after Jeff Bezos, the founder and former CEO of Amazon. Also wrongly written variations of the name are actually taboo. But a player seems to have found a form that was not blocked directly from the game. We are allowed to imagine: Jeffreichzos in Goldener Armor.

What does Amazon say?

In the rules to New World states that no Amazon employees, or even the company may be imitated. If the company gets wind from it, it can force users to change their name.

What could have led to this rules – this is pure speculation – could be an incident from the New World Beta: In July, a player called Amazonofficial and written online, for example:

Hey guys, that s the official Amazon account. Did you know that we do not allow our employees toilet breaks? You have to pee in bottles. We call you potions. (Source: Kotaku)

The joke goes back to reports in March 2021, according to which Amazon package suppliers were denied toilet breaks. (Source: The Guardian)

Also Bezos himself has become the target of countless memes and jokes over the past few months. After comedatively Bo Burnham has published a mastering song about the richest man in the world, the song and parody of Bezos became the veritable online trend.

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New World players find out that your character is not allowed to name Jeffrey Bezos. A real explanation for this regulation is not available from Amazon.