Amazon Ambition pulls after New World and see in the video games A huge potential to grow

They could hardly imagine at Amazon A more successful reception than New World these last days on PC. The MMO has been cast among the launches with greater users of Steam s history, filling with optimism the offices of the American giant who already thinks about the possibilities of the videogame industry to become its most lucrative entertainment sector.

At least it thinks Andy Jassy , Executive Director of the company founded by Jeff Bezos, in words collected by Bloomberg during a recent talk, where he also addressed the initial doubts about Amazon becoming in this business area. Many articles were written, people who said things like, Amazon knows how to build everything but games, why can not you create games?

These concerns also arrived following the stumbles in the company s market, including the discreet release of Crucible or Breakaway, canceled a few months ago before arriving at the stores. Jassy does not hide her failures, but he says the following: You will have some games that will fail spectacularly .

Now everything seems to be seen with more optimism, with Jeff Bezos celebrating New World s reception in social networks. After many failures and setbacks in games, we achieved a success, tweeted the richest man in the world.

That Amazon see in the games his future most important entertainment sector are not minor words considering the decided bet of the company for cinema and television. In fact, in this field a few months ago announced the purchase of Metro Goldwyn Mayer, the study responsible for the James Bond saga. In addition, it also maintains an important business in the music sector with Amazon Music.

Currently, Amazon Games has expanding equipment in Washington, California, New York, London, Munich and Montreal, among many other places.